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Enhancing Maintenance Flow Process and Customer Engagement in Auto Maintenance Centers



Digital Signage is now recognized as a necessity in many aspects of business. By looking at the industry of automation where digital signage can be implemented, we have highlighted some ways it can be effective. In this project, one of our customers, a chain of automotive maintenance centers in Shanghai, needed to streamline its maintenance flow process and enhance its communication with customers.


Advantech provides a powerful digital signage solution with reliable hardware and dynamic content managing/remote monitoring/system security software that are used to effectively manage the digital signage network. Making the customers feel welcome, informed, and entertained by delivering tailor-made information from reception along to the whole maintenance service; Advantech’s digital signage solution reinforces brand messages and fully optimizes communication with employees and customers.


Delivering content that truly resonates with your customers creates an engaging brand experience. When a car enters the maintenance center, a camera at the entrance scans its plate; the registration number is instantly recorded by Advantech DS-370 digital signage player and transmitted to a central server via GLAN, and the LED board salutes the guest with a tailor-made welcome message.

Meanwhile, being able to display announcements, repair timetables, queuing information and even entertaining advertisement, Advantech DS-370 allows fast and legible information to be delivered in real time. Customers in the client lounge or lobby can watch the on-screen display as their cars progress through the service queue, meanwhile automotive mechanics in their workshops can see their work plotted on the Scheduling Dashboard display; and administrators can see the status of all the cars displayed on a Status Dashboard in the office, including the times the cars enter, their locations, and times of departure. As part of the automotive service company’s branding strategy, the display in the lounge room not only shows car queuing info but also displays lively advertising clips at regular intervals. Each of the above displays is controlled by Advantech DS-370 discreetly installed on the back of the display.

Last to mention, reliability is key when operating a digital signage solution. If displays were constantly turning off and relying on staff to manually reboot regularly, this would have a significant negative impact on the overall business. Advantech DS-370 is designed in fanless and cableless, with the least moving parts and internal connections that increases system durability and requires less maintenance. Advantech DS-370 is ideal in that it can be configured to deliver customized information for a variety of signage applications in different settings, delivering real-time information broadcast, along with branding benefits.


  • Real-time information display with multimedia/queueing/scheduling dashboard
  • Content management software for editing/scheduling/dispatch
  • Integrated remote management software for remote repairs and system security
  • FHD displays for high quality graphics
  • Reliability and stability

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