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Fast-build Reliable Wireless Senor Networks for Environmental Monitoring in IoT-based Industrial Electroplating Factory

The environment in electroplating factories are full of harmful chemicals such as volatile acid substances that are dangerous to workers and could damage and corrode factory equipment; so proper environmental  protection for workers and their equipment is an essential requirement.

One particular electroplating factory in China was planning to improve all its manufacturing processes to make them safer. They planned to upgrade their existing equipment from traditional wired to a wireless solution to avoid chemical corrosion that could affect their wired infrastructure. They needed a reliable data acquisition solution with stable wireless connectivity that supports multiple sensor combinations.
The customer chose Advantech's WISE IoT Solution which included a WPAN control box- WISE-3301, and 35 sets of WPAN sensor nodes—WISE-1020 (IEEE 802.15.4e Mesh Network) to build a high-reliability wireless sensor network. Using Advantech's Embedded Box PC with simultaneous multi-display output support as a local control center, all WISE IoT Solution devices, including the WPAN control box, sensor nodes and gateway, were used for monitoring and management via the built-in remote WISE-Cloud IoT software. 
The Advantech WISE IoT Solution includes,
  • WISE-3301 WPAN control box with USB interface provides:
    • Connection, control and management for up-to 100 wireless IoT nodes.
    • Centralized dynamic wireless network management for solid IoT wireless sensor networks.
    • Operating temperatures of -40 ~ +85 °C.
    • USB interface to integrate with universal edge computers
  •  WISE-1020 WPAN sensor node with ARM Cortex-M3 MCU provides:
    •  99.999% high-reliability wireless MESH network.
    • Ease of installation and low maintenance cost.
    • Extreme Low power battery usage.
    • Operating temperature for -40 ~ +85 °C.
    • Multiple sensor combination.
To gather factory environment information, the customer used one WPAN control box (WISE-3301) wirelessly connected to 35 sets of WISE-1020 which do the data acquisition. WISE-1020 sensor nodes are designed with multiple interfaces (UART, AI and DI port) that allow them to combine with different types of sensor-boards. Advantech co-worked with the customer tointegrate all the WISE-1020 devices which are used for sensing such conditions aspH values, conductivity, water temperatures and levels. Through sensor integration, the customer’s local control center can easily monitor and control all data around the factory.
Advantech Wireless IoT Solution Embedded (WISE), provides the MESH network with a centralized dynamic network management capability that achieves 99.999% reliability.

Easily implemented reliable Wireless Sensor Networks Solution.
 WISE-IoT Design-in Services for multiple sensor integration.
 Easy installation and configuration for MESH wireless network deployment.
 Built-in WISE-Cloud IoT Software for remote monitoring and management that saves up to 50% on maintenance effort

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