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Green Energy

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Renewable Energy Solutions

Most wind and solar power generation systems are installed in harsh environments with dust, vibration, heat and electrical noise. These sites require reliable data servers with fanless, cableless and diskless design and industrial-grade Ethernet products for connection with the central room for system management. In addition, HMI/SCADA software is needed to provide energy analysis, cost profiles and demand control to allow users to take action for energy management. To fulfill needs of renewable energy solutions, Advantech offers: HMI/SCADA software, WebAccess package, Industrial-grade Switches (EKI series), Data Server and Communication Gateways (UNO series), and Programmable Automation Controllers (APAX series).

Power Generation Solutions

Power generation is the process of creating electricity from different energy forms, such as nuclear, thermal, hydro, or renewable power. As many industrial companies seek to reduce our footprint on the environment, more efficient power and energy is becoming a critical issue. Power backup systems help maintain a continuous supply of electric power which not only lends to the overall efficiency, but more secure and safe systems. To fulfill needs of power substation automation system, Advantech offers Data Servers and Communication Gateways (UNO series),  Programmable Automation Controllers (APAX series), and  Industrial-grade HMI.

Power Transmission & Distribution Solutions

A power substation is a subsidiary station of an electricity generation, transmission and distribution system where voltage is transformed from high to low or the reverse using transformers. Nowadays, multiple protocols exist for substation automation, which include many proprietary protocols with custom communication links. Interoperation of devices from different vendors would be an advantage to users of substation automation devices. New IEC 61850 international standard for substation automation systems defines the communication between devices in the substation and the related system requirements. To fulfill needs of power substation automation system, Advantech offers IEC 61850 compliant Communication gateway (UNO series), Industrial-grade Switch(EKI series), Programmable automation controllers (APAX series).

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