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Case Studies
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Date: 12/10/2009

Intelligent Hotel Application with WebAccess

Building Automation
Beijing, China

Project Introduction:
The goal of having an intelligent building starts with early planning in the design stage. There are enormous benefits to be gained by creating intelligent buildings. The Pullman South Hotel in Beijing, China, is managed by the Accor Group in France and is seated in the central area of the new Economic & Technological Development Area. This is the only 5-star hotel in the new area, which makes its profile that much higher. With 19 floors, the hotel is equipped with guest rooms, dining, entertainment and recreation facilities.

System Requirements:
The Pullman South Hotel required a system to control the numerous sub-systems within the hotel, such as: a cold source system,heat exchanger system, air-conditioning monitoring, fresh air system monitoring, air supply & exhaust system monitoring, water supply and drainage system monitoring, transformer & distribution electric system monitoring, and lift system.
All field electric devices are distributed over every corner of the hotel. The hotel required an intelligent monitoring system that was network based, with distributed control and remote monitoring capabilities. They wanted to create a combination of intelligent control system and management solution to create comfortable and warm accommodations while reducing the cost of materials and energy within the hotel.

Project Implementation:

WebAccess Browser-based HMI/SCADA Software
BASPro BAS-3000 DDC Programming Tool
BAS-3500 Web-enabled DDC Controllers

System Diagram:

System Description:
The Pullman South Hotel applied Advantech’s BAS building automotive control system, including WebAccess upper monitoring software, BASPro logic programming software, BAS-3500 series controller and other various control and expansion modules, which intensively manage and control the electromechanical devices in the building. Pullman Beijing South’s building monitoring system includes cold source system, air-conditioning and fresh air system, air supply & exhaust system, water supply and drainage system.

Cold source system monitoring: The hotel’s cold source system consists of freezing unit, freezing pump, cooling tower, cooling pump, expansion tank and pressure difference bypass, and central monitoring system shares real-time communication with freezing unit through Modbus interface and monitor the working condition of the device, and the field controller within the equipment room controls relevant field devices.

Air-conditioning and fresh air system monitoring: 5-star hotels have demands above and beyond that of standard hotels. Pullman South depends on central monitoring system to monitor the working condition of all devices. Various high precision components capture the temperature and humidity information in the hotel and adjust the blower and humidifier through the field controller (DDC) in the air-conditioning room, so as to ensure air, humidity and temperatures in the hotel.

Air supply & exhaust system monitoring: The hotel’s air supply & exhaust system relies on central monitoring system to monitor all exhaust units’ working condition and air machine’s manual and automotive state shift to ensure whether air units are in building automotive system state; if so it can control the start and stop of air machines. When the system is abnormal, it will display the field conditions in words or images onscreen in the central monitoring room through network communication, and send a voice alarms to remind working staff, and the important data can also be printed as records.

Water supply and drainage system monitoring: The hotel’s water supply and drainage system relies on central monitoring system to monitor device working condition, including conservation pool high/low level alarm, water tank high/low level alarm, water pump running state, water pump malfunction alarm, conservation high/low water level alarm, drainage pump running state and drainage pump malfunction alarm.

WebAccess is aimed at being the ultimate control system for any intelligent building project. In this application, it is integrated into the Pullman South Hotel in Beijing to ensure all devices not onlywork safely and reliably, butalso provide energy saving capabilities while extending the life span of devices. With Advantech’s stable, reliable and efficient building automation control system, Pullman South Hotelcan saves much more energy than before.