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3-phase Multifunction Power Meter
Main Features
  • Small size with 100mm depth
  • Panel cut 92 x 46 mm
  • Multi-function power measurement
  • Modbus RTU protocol over RS485

CommunicationsBaud Rate1200/2400/4800/9600
BusPhoto-isolated RS-485
Meter ID0 ~ 254
ProtocolsModbus/RTU (format: 8/N/1)
Current Measurement (Std. 5A CT)Accuracy±0.5% full scale
Current5 mA ~ 5 A
Energy Measurement (Total)Display Resolution0.1 kWh (Range 0 ~ 9,999,999.9kWh)
kWh Accuracy1% with PF 0.5 ~ 1.0
Record Resolution0.01 kWh (Range 0 ~ 9,999,999.99kWh)
EnvironmentHumidity (Operating)0 ~ 90% RH non-condensing
Temperature (Operating)-10 ~ 70° C (14 ~ 158° F)
GeneralDimensions110 x 50 x 115 mm
Power Consumption5VA
Power Supply110 VAC: 93 to 126 VAC 220 VAC: 187 to 253 VAC
Power Measurement (Total)Accuracy1% full scale
Resolution1W (per phase)
ReliabilityCommunicationIEC61000-4-4 1kV
EFT ProtectionIEC61000-4-4 1kV
Surge ProtectionIEC61000-4-5 4kV
Voltage MeasurementAccuracy±0.5% full scale
Phase Voltage80 ~ 350 VAC
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PME-1230-AE3phase LED PanelMount multi-function power meter

The PME-1230 is a 3-phase multi-function power meter for sub-metering applications, ranging from power distribution, small motor control to lighting load circuit. It measures individual current & voltage, KW, kwh, kvarh, PF and kVAR values. The measurement data can be viewed directly from local display, and also can be transmitted through a RS-485 using the Modbus protocol.

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