6U CompactPCI Enclosures

Advantech works closely with a number of CompactPCI® enclosure manufacturers who supply a wide range of chassis from 1U to 12U. We provide 6U CompactPCI Enclosures to support your CPCI platforms and CPCI chassis.

  • 4U Enclosures

    4U Enclosures

    Advantech provides 4U enclosures to meet the variety of CompactPCI enclosures (CPCI enclosures). CompactPCI 8-slot enclosures with high availability feature ample room for expansion, ideal for computing-intensive Blade Servers (Server Farms) and medium-scale Next Generation Network applications such as softswitches and ...

  • Ensure Your Long Term Success with Advantech CompactPCI

    Take a closer look at how Advantech CompactPCI can meet your business needs now and into the future.

    Last Updated : Feb 21, 2013
  • RSA Conference 2012 - Advantech FWA-65xx Series Network Servers

    Overview of Advantech's FWA-6500/6510 solution based on Intel’s latest Xeon processor from the 2012 RSA Conference in San Francisco, CA, ...

    Last Updated : Jun 7, 2012
Case Studies
  • Application Delivery Control

    On 1/10/2012

    Depending on where one stands "The Cloud" can look very different. There are numerous ...

  • Base Station Control

    On 10/12/2010

    Although building out a mobile cellular network has never been exactly “simple,” the ...

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Ensuer Your Long TermSuccess with Advantech CompactPCI
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