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Ozone Generator Control in the Tuna Farming on Land


Location: Japan

Project Introduction

As depleting oceanic fish stocks are forcing fish producers to move inland improving the quality of aquaculture systems using automation devices has become essential. To manage their farms, fish farmers use a variety of equipment such as air pumps, water filters, coolers, heaters, sunshades, heat insulation and ozone generation paraphernalia in the aquaculture farm to ensure the health of fishes. In order to ensure high quality production, the aquaculture manager not only has to understand the situations of multiple fish tanks, e.g. PH value, temperature, and CO2 levels of water, but also needs to control the various devices to keep the indoor temperature at a steady state. However, maintaining these conditions increases the complexity of aquaculture management.

System Implementation

By using Advantech ADAM-6150EI (15 isolated digital channels), ADAM-6151EI (16 isolated digital input channels) and ADAM-6160EI (6 relay channels) Industrial EtherNet/IP Remote I/O modules the client was able to connect to and manage the sensors in the fish farm. These models were chosen for several reasons: first was their ability to be daisy chained, allowing connection throughout the farm in an easily configurable manner with fewer wires; secondly was the EtherNet/IP networking which allowed easy connection to the existing equipment; thirdly they come with Advantech’s ADAM.NET Utility which allows all modules to be configured from a single interface directly through the Ethernet.

System Description


Ultimately, Advantech’s solution for managing the fish farm was chosen because of a good combination of price and configuration options. With a global increase in the appetite for fish, ocean fish stocks are being depleted faster than ever before. To help stem the tide of this mass extinction fish farming on land is becoming essential and Advantech is in an excellent position to provide the necessary digital management tools.